Oliver said he wasn't tired.

My best friend is Welsh.


Sadly, some of us are wretches and have to suffer eternally.


Yes, I think so, too.

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My proposal met with a negative.


That's why I'm here.

You shouldn't trust in appearances.

Not bad for a start.

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Excuse me, I have a request.

I've never even touched a gun.

Brender and I had an agreement.

The main thing on Tatoeba is not to utter ideas above your stomach and below your knees.

You can't count on anyone to help you with this.

I don't like telling her the truth.

I know you're working for them.


Can you predict the future?


His story can't be true.

I was completely exhausted.

Don't do us any favors.

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We can't leave Naim here.

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I didn't mean for what happened to happen.

This is hilarious.

Do you know how deep the water is here?

I don't have enough time to eat.

Can we call them now?

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On your mark! Get set! Go!

The shortest comments are often the most useful ones.

He had to leave for Tokyo on short notice.


Frederick must've practiced that a lot.


Hamilton buried her toes in the warm sand.

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I tried to write him.

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No roses without thorns.


No one made you do anything.

Vadim finally came home.

I thought I could help you.


We hope you are having a great night.

Now, all heads turn toward the dean, who sits surrounded by a faint halo of light.

I drank an herbal infusion.


I can't understand them.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

Curt has lots of acquaintances but very few friends.


There is no cause for worry.

Hackers are adept at getting around computer security measures.

I'm sorry, Doctor. I lost my health insurance certificate.

I can't get a hold of Saify.

The rain didn't stop, and went on for the entire day.

I was tired with the work.

We plan to invite both Ernest and Kris.

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He attentively went over her exam paper.

What do you like to eat the most?

Phillip used to be outspoken.


Physical strength is an important attribute as far as search and rescue dogs are concerned.

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She has the choice to stay or go.

Stay away from her.

Under the reign of tyranny, innocent people were deprived of their citizenship.


I'm really not interested in history.


This photo shows a man who owns a small food store.

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What is your age and profession?

I would've said something.

Love cannot express the idea of music, while music may give an idea of love.

It was three hours ago.

Your friend Jess hasn't returned.

Terri is happy with his new bicycle.

I saw Belinda at the funeral today.

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Max doesn't like to lose.

He stands for democracy.

Slartibartfast loves everything you do.

You are afraid.

Without the random mutation of genes there would be no evolution.

Sofoklis's husband took her to the fancy French restaurant for their belated anniversary dinner.

Kieran still has a slight limp.


Why did you get me this?


As you can see for yourselves, nothing has changed in this town after all these years.


I have sunglasses.


Have you put winter tyres on your car, yet?

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She chatted with her friends about the football game over coffee.

Everybody does that.

Jeanne is outside.

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I have to stop doing this.

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They explored Lake Tanganyika in East Africa.

He has forgotten to see you here.

This house is vacant.

You're not buying any of this, are you?

No one could find the cave.

Where does this self-confidence come from?

He climbs trees easily.


"Be quiet Mie," said Mother.

My teacher told me that I should have spent more time preparing my speech.

I drove all night.


He has his fingers on the table.

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Ron's girlfriend is three years younger than he is.


The cause of death was not accidental.

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She invited Sofoklis and me to the party.


It's the oldest trick in the book.

I hate hypocritical communities.

The floor was covered with blood.


I can't believe you watch sports.

He went to Paris, where he met me for the first time.

Beckie only wears a suit on special occasions.

I'm pining for him.

We shall be pleased to comply with your request.


Do you like wonton soup?

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Please have someone else do it.

You're not normal.

Leif asked me what the problem was.

Studying is making me a social outcast!

There's a yellow rose.

Luke got angry with me.

She's going to get you in trouble.

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I couldn't live with myself if I ever hurt you.

Now I will introduce you to my parents.

You've succeeded where others have failed.

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She came close to falling off the platform.

She could not hold back her tears.

She did the work carefully.

She has a bottle of milk every morning.

Lots of campers were parked all over the hill-side.

I don't have the power to finish the work alone.

Novorolsky said he was thirty.


Do you dare or not?

I met him in the street.

I am silent.


You find koalas in Australia.

Go find somebody who can help.

Learn wisdom from the faults of others.

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I started dating her.


Bryan jumped out of the helicopter.

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I wondered where Joseph went.

The men will be happy if they get anything back.

My office used to be by the window and I could see the squirrels.

It could have been much worse.

She accomplished the task through sheer will.

I prefer listening to the radio to watching television.

I'll come back the evening after next.

Your boots are ruined.

Can anyone pronounce this word?

Juvenile delinquency is on the increase at a rapid pace.

You've never told us how you met Adlai.


Jeanette was in no hurry.

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Takeuchi grew up in a conservative family.

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He paused to look at the poster.


Trey was really sad.

She likes you!

The spring will show who shat where.

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Do you think Taurus will be offended?

I will miss you all.

Give me back the book after you have read it.